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With Microsoft Office Word & PowerPoint Templates

UpsideDown creates Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel templates that are customised to match your brand guidelines and design layouts.


Are you a graphic designer or branding agency who hates working with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel?

We can convert your InDesign files into fully functional branded Word, PowerPoint and Excel templates that your clients will love. We can also work directly from your Illustrator, PDF & Photoshop files. 

Are you a Brand Manager who needs to implement your company's branding throughout the Microsoft Office suite?

Our Microsoft template developers will ensure that your key brand elements such as your colour palette and font styles automatically appear in your blank Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets as well as in all of your custom branded templates.

Are you someone who knows that there must be an easier way to create reports, proposals and presentations efficiently?

We can help you by analysing your business processes and creating powerful on-brand templates using the native VBA programming language of Microsoft Office to automate complex tasks to a single mouse click. 

In fact, if you are any type of organisation struggling with Microsoft Office, we can help you.

We have over 15 years experience creating custom branded Microsoft templates as well as reformatting Word, PowerPoint and Excel for all types of organisations including Government departments, banking, legal, finance, superannuation, architects, property, retail, not for profits and many more…

UpsideDown are Microsoft template experts

We are a team of Microsoft Office programmers and developers based in Sydney NSW, but we have many clients throughout Australia including Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & Hobart. We also have created thousands of templates for different companies and industries globally including Asia, New Zealand, UK, Europe and USA and Canada. We work very closely with the Brand Manager or Design Agency to ensure that the templates are set-up properly from the beginning. This ensures that the templates not only look great but are also easy to use and work quickly and efficiently.

Ask our clients

We have been developing Microsoft Office templates for over fifteen years, for many leading Australian and international brands, both directly and through our advertising and design agency partners. 

Convert your Indesign files into branded Microsoft Office templates

UpsideDown creates Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel templates that are customised to match your brand guidelines and design layouts. We aim to match your artwork as closely as possible and also make the final templates fully functional and user-friendly. The colour palette will be embedded and the relevant text styles set up so that users can quickly and easily apply the correct formatting.

Microsoft Word

We can make ‘smart’ editable templates by adding automation and other features to enhance the user experience and make the process of creating great looking on-brand documents quicker and easier. Some of the potential features are listed below, but you’d be amazed at what’s possible, so call us to discuss your wish list.

Letterheads including the ability to:

  • Turn the logo and branding elements on and off for printing on pre-printed letterhead paper.
  • Prompt for multiple locations or divisions within the one template and insert the appropriate logo and address, or even automatically change the size of the page and the spell check language for international locations.

Reports, Proposals, Tenders, EOI, Flyers including the ability to:

  • Select from multiple cover choices, with different images or graphical elements, or colour variations.
  • Insert different logos and apply different colour palettes for individual product ranges or related businesses, all within the one template.
  • Insert a landscape page within a portrait document or vice versa, or maybe even A3 pages.
  • Include automatic Table of Contents, Tables of Figures, Tables of Tables, and Appendices.
  • Add Accessibility to WCAG2.0 compliance standards.

Word Case Study: Telstra

When Telstra wanted new corporate templates they needed 6 versions of everything just so that they could incorporate all their new brand colours.

We combined all 6 colours into one easy to use template for each document type and therefore reduced the number of templates required from 72 down to 12.

Microsoft PowerPoint

We create custom branded templates for Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Set up custom slide masters and font styles.
  • Implement your brand colours automatically every time you create a chart or draw a box.
  • Insert pictures inside a custom shape to make the images look more appealing.
  • Set up table styles (which is not possible as standard in PowerPoint).
  • Add animations and transitions.

PowerPoint Case Study: TAFE 

PowerPoint presentations don’t have to be boring.
Our template experts can create custom cut-out shapes to make it easy to insert images into complex designs.

Microsoft Excel

We create custom branded templates for Microsoft Excel.

  • Set up your default Excel workbook to automatically be on-brand with your colours and font styles, etc.
  • Create custom branded chart templates.
  • Develop automated templates to create professional looking reports from the raw data directly within Excel or by linking Excel and Word data.

Excel Case Study: ASX

ASX produce a monthly update on the Australian Grains market and wanted to send out a report that looked visually appealing whilst still retaining their raw data in Excel.

We set up a designed Report shell within the Excel workbook and automated the process of selecting any of the graphs from any of the worksheet tabs so they could customise the content appropriately every month.

We also provide

Software Training

We can provide on-site or remote training as part of the implementation of your suite of custom branded templates. We can also offer bespoke Microsoft Office power user training full of tips and tricks to empower your team and make them more productive.

Technical Support

All our templates are delivered with instructions about how to install and use the templates.
Our friendly team are always happy to help with any technical questions via email or phone.

Other Services

We can customise Microsoft Publisher, Outlook and Visio. Whilst we’re Microsoft experts, we can also create templates for other programs such as Prezi, Pages, Keynote and fillable PDF forms, both static and dynamic, for Adobe Acrobat. Just ask us.

Coded to suit your brand

We add the functionality of menus, toolbars and ribbons that allow users to implement the brand standards accurately, efficiently and with a consistent high-quality appearance. Templates are editable and easy to use, helping people produce consistently formatted documents with minimal effort.

We help you identify tasks that can be automated using the VBA macro programming language that is built into Microsoft Office, then we custom-build templates that remove repetition and increase your productivity.

We love working with Microsoft Office so you don’t have to!

  • We love showing people how powerful Microsoft Office products can be and how automation can transform their productivity.
  • We know that user-friendly Word templates and PowerPoint templates are essential business tools and can save you hours when set up properly.
  • We hate seeing people getting frustrated by formatting issues and we love seeing them regain that time for something more meaningful.
  • We love it when a designer gets a little excited by what we can make Microsoft Word do… yes, it really does happen!
  • Sometimes we just love a challenge!

How we create on-brand Microsoft Office templates for our clients

Briefing our template developers

We’d much rather talk to you in person than put you in a ticketing queue, so call us for a brief chat about your ideas and requirements. It’s also helpful to send us a PDF of your initial design concepts as early as possible. If you don’t have artwork at this stage, send us any current files being used as it will help us get an idea of the content structure and styles that may be necessary.

Analysing the Brief

We will review your designs and advise you of any technical issues in transforming them into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel. Our experienced team will suggest appropriate practical and functional solutions if necessary before you show your client so you don’t design something that’s not possible.

Getting a quote

We will then provide you with a quote, outlining what you need to provide to us and detailing timelines for completion of the project.

Supplying us the artwork

Once the client signs off your designs, simply send us the final packaged artwork in InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop.

Development Process

We will set up the templates to replicate your designs as closely as possible within the appropriate Microsoft program. We will also look at it from the end user’s perspective and add quick, easy to use functionality such as pop-up dialog boxes and customised ribbons or toolbars.

Delivery & Support

We will send you back custom branded templates and instructions on how to install and use them. We can also provide phone or on-site training and support as well as webinars or pre-recorded video training materials and tutorials.

The benefits of custom branded Microsoft Office templates

UpsideDown Productions will ensure that your graphic design layouts, created in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, are represented accurately within the Microsoft Office suite of programs including Word, PowerPoint and Excel.


On-brand Designs

We include your logo, corporate colour scheme, page layouts, styles for body copy, headings, bullets, tables and charts as required to ensure the templates match the artwork supplied.

Advanced Functionality

We then add the functionality of menus, toolbars and ribbons that allow users to implement your brand standards accurately and efficiently, with a consistent high-quality appearance.

Improved Productivity

We help you identify tasks that can be automated using the VBA macro programming language that is built into Microsoft Office, then we custom-build templates that remove repetition and increase your productivity.


I was talking to the Account Director for AGL, they were stoked with the work you did for them! So just wanted to pass this feedback on because you guys do an amazing job, you have really helped us out!

Renee James

Account Manager, McCann Advertising Agency

Thanks once again for your truly professional service. Love having you on board.

Derek Bates
Creative Director, ADMAD

We’ve done many templates and have many clients who were very happy with the results. I think UpsideDown is very efficient, cost effective and lovely to work with. We would definitely recommend UpsideDown to other agencies.

Konstanze Werhahn-Mees

Account Manager, Folk

Thanks for all the help so far. Very impressed with you and the team’s pro-active approach to work. The clients have been very impressed with the outputs so far.

Stuart Hughes
Account Director, Gen.a

Video testimonial from Bronwyn Humm
Events and Creative Services Manager, ASX


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