Convert your InDesign artwork

into custom branded Microsoft Office templates
for Word, Powerpoint and Excel  

Does Microsoft do your head in?

Many of our clients are graphic designers and they all share a common problem. They create fantastic designs in Illustrator and InDesign on a Mac but their clients want to use the designs in Word or Powerpoint on a PC!

Sound Familiar?

This is where we can help.

We take the designs that you have created for your clients’ letterhead, reports, proposals, presentation etc. and develop customised templates ready for use in the Microsoft Office suite of programmes.

How can we help you?

Our years of expertise developing Microsoft templates means we can reduce your frustration working with unfamiliar software, allowing you to spend more time on design.

The upside of templates

  • Formatting is tailored to your exact requirements
  • Key design elements (e.g. logo, font, colour and layout) can be included.
  • Customised toolbars & ribbons allow users to easily apply consistent formatting to suit their brand with just a single mouse click
  • Dialog boxes & programming can be included to prompt for information and automate repetitious or complex procedures
  • Finished templates are provided complete with installation and usage instructions

UpsideDown has over 20 years experience working with many leading Australian and international design agencies and their brands.

Ask our clients

I was talking to the Account Director for AGL, they were stoked with the work you did for them! So just wanted to pass this feedback on because you guys do an amazing job, you have really helped us out!

Renee James

Account Manager, McCann Advertising Agency

Thanks once again for your truly professional service. Love having you on board.

Derek Bates
Creative Director, ADMAD

We’ve done many templates and have many clients who were very happy with the results. I think UpsideDown is very efficient, cost effective and lovely to work with. We would definitely recommend UpsideDown to other agencies.

Konstanze Werhahn-Mees

Account Manager, Folk

Thanks for all the help so far. Very impressed with you and the team’s pro-active approach to work. The clients have been very impressed with the outputs so far.

Stuart Hughes
Account Director, Gen.a

Video testimonial from Ken Luntey
Director and General Manager, Edge Environment


Down to business

Don’t send your clients a great design that they have to implement themselves.

Help them get what they need first time round, a complete design solution.

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