We’re very excited about our brand new logo for UpsideDown templates.

Originally UpsideDown Productions began as just a video & animation company with the logo incorporating a camera lens element in the logo design.

Later on we then added the Microsoft Office template side to the business but we never made any changes to the UpsideDown logo accordingly.

Over the years our custom Microsoft Office template service has gone from strength to strength working for many leading Australian and International Design agencies and their brands. During this time we’ve created tens of thousands of custom Word, PowerPoint and Excel templates in all shapes and sizes.

As UpsideDown templates now celebrates its 15 year anniversary we finally have a new distinct logo to represent the Microsoft Office side of the business.

UpsideDown video also has a new logo refresh too but still keeps the camera lens element.

We are also most excited to launch our new website in 2019 to bring a fresh new look and feel to the UpsideDown brand.

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