There are many variables depending on the type of message, style and complexity of production that you are wanting to create.

Amazing images can be filmed on your iphone these days but their is so much more to the art of film making than simply pushing the record button to point and shoot.

You can save money of course by writing the basic script and presenting it to camera yourself. In some cases we recommend this as a good starting point, however most corporate videos also require a number of different setups, points of view, workplace cutaways, motion graphics, music, etc. In this case an experienced production company, that can oversee the entire production process from script to screen, will generally be invaluable – but these costs all need to be factored into the budget.

To keep costs down for many web videos we often work with a streamlined crew of just 2 video professionals who are versatile in the skills of directing, camera, lighting and sound. Sometimes however other specialist people and equipment are also needed, e.g. multi-camera or steadycam, make-up artists, autocue.

Don’t underestimate editing time, too – it often takes longer than you might expect. For every day of actual filming it can sometimes take 2 or more days to fine tune and complete the editing process. Motion graphics and animation (if required) can also have an impact on the overall time and budget.

As a general rule, web video is becoming more and more affordable due to advances in technology, but you still need experienced people to get the job done right. As a ball park guide you can expect to pay from around $900 per edited minute for short promotional style videos. Of course this changes for longer form projects and we will quote you an exact cost once we have your specific brief.

Video is probably the most effective on-line marketing tools available today. It rates extremely highly in Google. It can represent your on-line brand and personality as your virtual sales force 24/7. Video will increase your conversion rates dramatically if created with the right targeted messages and call to action in mind.

How much is it worth to have a professionally branded video on your website? Only you can put a true value on that. If you need help in producing a custom branded video for your business, call Danny from All Angles Video on +61 2 9411 4548.

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