Here’s something I hear a lot – it’s only for YouTube so quality doesn’t matter, people are used to watching poor quality videos on YouTube now anyway.

Yes, it’s true – for animals and kids caught in funniest home video style moments. If something is funny, unusual or interesting enough then people will generally put up with poor quality sound and a shaky camera to have a good laugh. Does this mean that we should represent ourselves and our business in this amateur way too? Of course not.

If you are a business and you want a video to represent your brand, then the video should:   a) be an enjoyable professional looking experience for your customers to watch;   b) have a clear and concise purpose and reason for being.

Professionalism, after all, is what we aim for in every area of business – from logo design through to all other levels of business marketing and customer & staff communications.

Video is one of the most powerful branding, marketing and communication tools available today. In some cases it is even better than being there in person because it can deliver a scripted, structured, emotional and targeted message – perfect every time, 24/7 and essentially for free via the internet.

But there is no such thing as a free lunch. You get what you pay for. At the end of the day you must invest either time or money to get worthwhile results.

Video production like any other trade is a skill that is learned over time. As a professional TV cameraman and editor for over 20 years, I am amazed by how much there still is to learn. If you have the time then I encourage you to immerse yourself in it – it’s an interesting and fun industry. If you don’t have the time to invest to get the job done right, then hire a professional.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to get a high quality production. Videos come in all shapes and sizes and production companies are generally pretty versatile in finding creative ways to suit most styles of filming, editing and budgets accordingly. We know our own limitations, too – for some elements like motion graphics, voice-over or music composition, for example, I turn to other experts from our team to work on these elements of the overall production if required.

If you need help in producing a custom branded video for your business, call Danny from All Angles Video on +61 2 9411 4548.

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